Jun 3, 2013

Digging for old sins

As I clean up my iTunes music library, I trip up to some old tracks, that I made a year ago or so. I find, it was a good opportunity to load them up to Soundcloud. At worst no one will comment them...

May 26, 2013

Reason 7

Waiting for Reason 7 has an end. Struggling with equalizers I was deeply grateful for the graphical view in the mixer's equalizer section. The first track I have tried to improve is bingbong loop. I also had re-recorded the Piper at the gates of yawn track, wich I love very much. I soloed the tracks of the Piper in Nanostudio and record them one by one with Reason. This gives me the opportunity to practice improving my mastering skill. The Piper is a very special piece of tumultuous sounds. To get this in control may be a good kind of practice at all... ;-) The revised Piper isn't released yet.

My first DAW was Ableton. But Ableton needs more knowledge and experience as I have and although I love it, it overwhelmed me many times. E.g. you have to build your own mastering section. And to all time you work with instruments and effects in Ableton you have to know about all parameters with all their dependencies. In Reason it is more like using an analog clock. You look on a device and you are guided through the interaction of all the knobs and sliders just by displaying their dependencies (not to mention the cable system). Thus I decided to use Reason instead of Ableton - for now...

Mar 8, 2013

Great music for little money. My iPad makes it possible! Yesterday I bought a Minimoog, and again learned more about sound synthesis. Before that I had almost drawn all apps from the App Store the last year which promised sound synthesis. The beginning made Sunrizer. Then the complicated Korg iMS-20 with his own world of sound (I spend a lot of time with the tutorials of Discchord on YT), then a product of Yamaha followed. I found a lot of Inspiration on SoundCloud. Hello Jon! It seems that we share not only the age, but also a whole range of apps ;-)Honestly he uses them better than I do, so he can write more about them in his blog http://www.pantsofdeath.com/pantsofdeath/the_new_pants/By the way, enjoy his music on https://soundcloud.com/pantsofdeath
First post, a restarted blog and a link to SoundCloud